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Foot care for Junior Golfers

Foot care for Junior Golfers

care for Junior GolfersA critical aspect of any outdoor sport is taking care of the feet. With golfers being on their feet for long periods of time and walking for minimum five miles a round every time they play; foot care becomes an integral part of the game. Moreover, for junior golfers, foot care is extremely vital as their feet are growing. Over the years, the golf footwear industry has evolved considerably and now a number of brands are offering golf shoes for kids. In addition to this, some manufacturers only specialize in junior golfers shoes.

Golf shoes must be comfortable for all golfers and this holds particular importance when it comes to younger golfers. Junior golfers already face a number of challenges while learning and playing golf and having sore, blistered feet might considerably decrease the chances of success at golf.

Junior golfers require good and not fancy footwear. Poorly fitted and wrong sized golf shoes could negatively affect not only the score but the feet as well. A good pair of golf shoes minimizes foot pain and other problems and ensures proper traction and less slippage. For beginner level golfers, a pair of tennis shoes could also be fine however; the more competitive the golfer, the more essential it becomes to have good golf shoes. A number of brands have been offering golf shoes for kids like DAWGS, FootJoy, Adidas, Nike, Puma, etc. These brands make specific products with the competitive junior golfer in mind. While buying golf shoes for kids, one must be looking for quality shoes with the right fitting and comfort and must avoid overspending as the kids are still in the process of growing. Water resistance, padding, good support, replaceable spikes, and well-made sole are some valuable features that golf shoes should have. If you want to get the perfect golf shoes for your young golfer, visit: golfequipment.store/kids-golf-shoes-for-junior

Junior GolfersSince the feet have the most sweat glands, wearing socks is also necessary when wearing closed toe golf shoe. Junior golfers must be wearing cotton socks so that the moisture is drawn away from the foot. Moreover, socks must be changed between rounds especially when the junior golfer is practicing for long hours and is playing more than eighteen holes.  

Though wearing the right shoes and sock is critical to foot care for the junior golfer however; it is critical that if any blister, redness, numbness, skin changes, or tingling is experienced it’s best to consult a healthcare provider or a physician. Proper foot care and effective treatment of any foot problems would enable your junior golfer to play healthier golf which eventually means better golf. Though it is true that not necessarily your little one might win a golf tournament due to good golf shoes however; he might end up losing one due to poor quality ones.